About ESEM

Considered as a critical milestone in the development of a new specialty in the United Arab Emirates and as a professional umbrella for all emergency care providers to network and collaborate, the first Emirates Society of Emergency Medicine (ESEM) has been launched on 16th Oct 2012 by the Emirates Medical Association (EMA).

The official launch of ESEM took place during the 10th Middle East Emergency Medicine Conference and was attended by Dr. Khalid Almansouri, EMA Board member, Dr. Saleh Fares, President of ESEM, other elected board members as well as representatives from Abu Dhabi Medical Congress and the media.

ESEM was established by a group of emergency medicine physicians from different hospitals in the UAE. The elected Board of Directors for the ESEM are; Dr. Saleh Fares, President, Dr. Mahmoud Ghanaiem, Vice President, Dr. Ayesha Almemari, General Secretary, Dr. Moein Fikree, Chair of Cultural Committee and Dr. Abdel Noureldin, Chair of Scientific Committee.

The vision of ESEM is to develop and maintain high standards of emergency medicine practice in the UAE as well as to function as the networking body connecting all emergency medicine providers practicing in different emergency departments across the UAE. The society aims to document the scientific and social communication amongst all doctors, nurses and paramedics working in the field of emergency medicine through scientific conferences, workshops and meetings, by writing medical research and conducting scientific and statistical research.”

ESEM works on promoting emergency medicine among medical school graduates and will establish different subcommittees to represent different subgroups within the emergency medicine specialty such as groups for resident, nurses and paramedics. Also work on raising public awareness of emergency medicine specialty in the UAE, such as the use of the emergency department and common emergency department encountered clinical conditions.